Video: The Apollo 11 Moon Walk Montage

Apollo 11 was the first crewed mission to land on the Moon by NASA on 20 July 1969 by astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins.

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"Ring of Fire" Eclipse Photos in Africa and Asia

(Image credit: Jewel Samad/AFP via Getty Images)

Photographers and people have been taking photos of the “Ring of Fire” eclipse that affected only 2% of the world this year. According to astronomers, watching the eclipse is the equivalent of switching from a 500W bulb to a 30W bulb. Annular eclipses occur every year or two and are only visible across a narrow… Continue reading "Ring of Fire" Eclipse Photos in Africa and Asia

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Sci-Fi Movies and The Reality of Extraterrestrial Life

Perhaps, topics that involve Extraterrestrial Intelligence are one of the most daunting tasks to write about. Having no formal proofs for their existence, and still knowing that anything, including the existence of Extraterrestrial Life, is possible, it is even more complicated to think about what they are based on, what shapes, sizes, and forms, they have – if they do exist. Extraterrestrials have been a major topic for SciFi; many books have been written and as many movies, if not more, have been produced.

Saturn's rings – and moons – might be younger than the dinosaurs

Saturn Rings

We determined Saturn’s gravitational field by reconstruction of Cassini’s trajectory during the Grand Finale, using a coherent microwave link between Earth tracking stations and the spacecraft. Range-rate measurements were obtained from the Doppler shift of a carrier signal sent from the ground at 7.2 GHz (X-band) and retransmitted back to Earth by Cassini’s onboard transponder at 8.4 GHz. An auxiliary downlink at Ka-band (32.5 GHz) was also recorded.

Who is better in Space? Us or the Robots? A creative inquiry.

The real Question: Humans Vs Robots. Courtesy of Robert Markowitz & Bill Stafford.

Human Vs Robotic exploration has been – and is still- of a major reason for debate between many scientists. Each presents their own claims and why their ideas are better. It has also been( as usual) a major topic in SciFi movies and has attracted a lot of fans. Before we delve into the pros… Continue reading Who is better in Space? Us or the Robots? A creative inquiry.

Why is the sky blue?

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

As we are human beings, we all are curious – an intrinsic behavior that is associated with us. As any curious being would be, we are also very aware of our environment and the changes that happen to it- we are very good at noticing changes that we even have developed many models and theories… Continue reading Why is the sky blue?

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Extraterrestrial Doesn't Exist. Does it? Latest Opinion by scientist makes us question again.

Radio Satellites

We hardly think of Extraterrestrial life in terms other than life forms based on Earth, that is, we have a hard and non-flexible definition of life that is based on carbon-based organisms that we seldom look out for other forms of “life”. Extraterrestrial life could be of the form that we have never seen on Earth, made of elements that are not even available on Earth. Or in some cases, as the Labeled release experiment from 1970 showed, we could have Earth-like microbial life. It is always, I believe, wrong to generalize life only based on the only experiences we have had so far.