June 2020

Black holes may merge with light of a trillion suns, scientists say

6 mins read
Black hole

When black holes collide, the ensuing cosmic drama was assumed to play out under the cloak of darkness, given that both objects are invisible. But now astronomers believe they have made the first optical observations of such a merger, marked by a blaze of light a trillion times brighter than the sun.

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"Ring of Fire" Eclipse Photos in Africa and Asia

1 min read

Photographers and people have been taking photos of the “Ring of Fire” eclipse that affected only 2% of the world this year. According to astronomers, watching the eclipse is the equivalent of switching from a 500W bulb to a 30W bulb. Annular eclipses occur every year or two and are only visible across a narrow

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Black hole found 1,000 light years from Earth

5 mins read

Object found in HR 6819 system is the closest to Earth yet known – and is unusually dark

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Sci-Fi Movies and The Reality of Extraterrestrial Life

8 mins read

Perhaps, topics that involve Extraterrestrial Intelligence are one of the most daunting tasks to write about. Having no formal proofs for their existence, and still knowing that anything, including the existence of Extraterrestrial Life, is possible, it is even more complicated to think about what they are based on, what shapes, sizes, and forms, they have - if they do exist. Extraterrestrials have been a major topic for SciFi; many books have been written and as many movies, if not more, have been produced.

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Discovery of a Parallel Universe?

4 mins read

Two years ago, two bizarre detections were made by the radio telescope ANITA. ANITA sits on top of a balloon over Antarctica and its job is to detect high-energy particles called cosmic rays that rain down from space. The detections were from high energy neutrinos that were apparently coming from the ground instead of outer

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