April 2020

Saturn’s rings – and moons – might be younger than the dinosaurs

7 mins read
Saturn Rings

We determined Saturn’s gravitational field by reconstruction of Cassini’s trajectory during the Grand Finale, using a coherent microwave link between Earth tracking stations and the spacecraft. Range-rate measurements were obtained from the Doppler shift of a carrier signal sent from the ground at 7.2 GHz (X-band) and retransmitted back to Earth by Cassini’s onboard transponder at 8.4 GHz. An auxiliary downlink at Ka-band (32.5 GHz) was also recorded.

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Scientists capture image of black hole emitting high-energy jets

6 mins read
he image shows the black hole jet. Photograph: Boston University Blazar Program

Detailed image taken by Event Horizon Telescope of black hole 5bn light years away

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