Updated Website, Features and UI

On the latest update of our website, we have come up with new features and even better ways to make people make use of the website in a more productive and accessible way. Last month, we propagated to a newer server to contain the growing number of users. That said, we want to remind users that there are Open Contributor positions as well.

With the newest update, we have introduced (and paused some) features. We have introduced private messaging within the community(you can also see who’s online), we have brought up follow/unfollow features and we have added account verification. We have also set up notifications and you can manage it from here. We have also added MathJax.js integrations to the website to make posts with equations seamlessly load.

To get started with all this, just go and register first and activate your account from the verification email that will be sent to you, then go to the members’ directory and search the person you want to message. You can click on their account and click on the message button and privately message them. You can also see who’s online. To limit who can see your online status, go to your account and adjust your privacy settings.

All services are provided free of charge and with no Ads.

Support free knowledge.