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Dear Community,

It is well known that we have been going through major changes recently, one of which is the reconstruction and expansion of our websiteour LOGO, a lot of content and privacy policy have also changed. We have invested a considerable amount of time and money for the expansion inspired by the sole reason that The Physics Times was founded for – delivering Ad-free science news and concepts, fostering a scientific-minded community. We have had positive results so far, a lot of people have been checking out or website, and our social media pages including on Faceboook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Now, we are open accepting contributors for a limited time. Anyone who wants to become one can message the admin privately by clicking on this link. For the people who don't use Telegram, consider emailing us at or fill out our contact form.
What is expected from you as a contributor:

1. Be willing to allocate a few hours a week to search, read and publish articles with proper credits and original work is preferable. For the details, please contact us using the contact methods above.

2. Be willing to work with the other contributors and editors on expanding the project and discussing ways to optimize resources.

3. To be respectful of the work and respect the privacy of The Physics Times. Note that you will have responsibility and power that you should use.

4. You will be immersed within a pool of like-minded people who have similar thoughts and ambitions. You will have the opportunity to discuss your curiosity or come up with problems that the group can work on.

What not to expect:

As this is a voluntary position, we do not guarantee financial gain from our part. Note that The Physics Times never runs Ads or markets for financial gain.

The project is funded by the founder and generous funders of The Physics Times (we like to call them Trustees)

For questions and inquiries, please send us a private message here or email us at


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