Deleted Accounts, Site Protection and Inactivity

Dear friends of The Physics Times,

We have recently removed accounts that have been inactive on  The Physics Times  since the creation of the accounts. If your account has wrongly been deleted, you can still signup again. For records, everyone receiving this email is on our email list and will still keep receiving post emails and updates.

To sign up for a new account, follow the steps below:

  • Go to then you can to sign up with email, or authenticate with your Facebook account or Google account or you can sign up by using your email address
  • After you sign up, go to your account to set up notification preferences and privacy settings
  • You can then read posts, message friends on the site, and or follow people.

We hope you like the latest updates on the site.

If your account has wrongly been deleted, you can contact us or sign up again using the above process.