Announcing the Joint Project by The Physics Times Academy and Success4Matrik to Help Create a Better Ethiopia

We would like to quote from Richard Feynman‘s Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman as an opening. The phrase was by the Japanese ambassador to Richard Feynman when he asked him about the Japanese success story. His reply was ” …The people of Japan believed they had only one way of moving up: to have their children educated more than they were;  that it was very important for them to move out of their peasantry to become educated. So there has been a great energy in the family to encourage the children to do well in school, and to be pushed forward. Because of this tendency to learn things all the time, new ideas from the outside would spread through the educational system very easily. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Japan has advanced so rapidly.”

Education is evolutionary. It is so why many people’s lives are saved from death and suffering and it is the ultimate way we could bring peace and conscience to the world we live in. Whether formal or informal, education is very important and it is an integral part of each of us’ lives. It is so important that it should be offered for free. That is why governments collect taxes to supply for public needs one of which, and in fact the most important is education. That is what we believe in, a free and accessible education. And when done by peers and the ones very intimate to us, it is more likely than not that it is going to work.

That is why we established a merger between The Physics Times Academy and Sucess4Matrik. The merger is currently supported on The Physics Times’ website using an LMS system. It hosts lessons as videos most recommended for Ethiopian High School students. The Academy also hosts videos for college application tips and a forum for discussion. As time progresses, we also plan to expand the project and offer a more interactive UI and plan on preparing prizes.

The website can be accessed at

Currently, registration is optional to access the website and courses. But might be necessary for more features. Registration is free.

The project is currently funded by these awesome people we call Trustees. To contact the founders, please visit their respective webpages. Click here for Aaron and here for Yitbarek.